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Health: 38,000 cases of pneumonia in Peru


November 10, 2018 14:00 pm.

According to the latest Ministry of Health (MINSA) ministry, there are 38,000 cases till now Pneumonia In children aged 65

Major epidemics of the deaths of people over the age of 65 years Pneumonia Influenza. Therefore, the immunity in this age group will be prioritized Public health And within Defense Recommended, The Vaccine in pneumococcus (It was included within the vaccination scheme Seniors 60 years old in 2019

According to the data of the last epidemiological bulletin volume, 2018 and 40, 22,875 episodes Pneumonia For children under 5 years it is 12.8% between 2017 and 247.

On the other hand there are 15,739 episodes Pneumonia With 60 years of notification, 23.6% more deaths were reported in 2017 and 1005 deaths.

Problems with pneumonia

In particular circumstances of the adult population, Pneumonia There is a bigger weight from adults Pneumonia Because of major consequences Infection

For example Pneumonia This can lead to complications Laparoscopic destruction (It requires a respirator or ventilator) Septicemia (Which may lead to physical discomfort caused by uncontrolled inflammation in the body).

Weakness, Breathing difficulty Taking it may take a few weeks to disappear.

Can pneumonia?

Oscar Gaioso and former president of the palmonologist Pervian Society of PulmonologyThe majority of cases are pointed out Disease Students are also at risk and can prevent immunity Vaccination Reduces the number of episodes Lung disease

even though Pneumonia This usually occurs in low temperatures, and the specialist recommends to be careful throughout the year.

"In most cases Pneumonia Start a viral film. The FIG Defense Can prevent the spread of viruses InfluenzaIt is responsible for 80% of hospitals and deaths Viral pneumonia, And then the newcomerx infection (the most common germ Community pneumonia). In general Disease The low reaction to the immune system that is caused by Numococos is the medical history of the patient. The FIG Children GioZo says that the elderly people are the most dangerous people to have a medical evaluation in the presence of a respiratory disorder, which is more effective against vaccination.

Other preventive measures against pneumonia

The specialist also makes it clear Vaccination This is a major step to avoid DiseasePatients recommend contact with other people, such as hand cleaning, and other preventive measures like warm and burning. Food It increases Body resistanceLike fruits containing vitamin C (strawberry, kiwi, citrus).

On the other hand, suggests he is participating in the center Health The patient may have an emergency or a state of respiratory symptoms, or breathing in the lungs. Severe pneumonia.

This problem should be encountered Health "Every year, recognizes the importance of Faiser World Pneumonia Day It is important to help prevent deadly diseases.

Including pneumonia in adults Pneumocole pneumonia, It will be serious and consequences Disease They can be substantial, "said Fiaizer Peru General Manager Ana Dolores Román, Ecuador, Bolivia.

"All older people aged 65 years and above have been used today to talk about ways of self-preserving with the doctor," they explained.

World Day Against Pneumonia

This day, which was established in 2009, aims to educate about this Disease It's about the potential risk that it represents Children Like the adults around the world. The FIG World Day Against PneumoniaCelebrated every year on November 12, this festival has become an important moment to talk about the organizational community around the world The disease, Encourage interventions for prevention and management and to take action to combat it.

What is Pneumococcal pneumonia?

It contains pneumonia Pneumocole pneumonia It is a child Infection Serious diseases Children Worldwide; even though Disease For adults, there are serious consequences Immune system Age-related.

Word Numococar disease, Including Pneumocole pneumonia A group is referenced Diseases This occurs through the bacterium Streptococcus pneumonia. This is called nummocoches.

This is one Bacteria (SNMoney) causes NSA's most recent bacterial disease worldwide; NAC represents the greatest burden Numococar disease The older ones. Symptoms of pneumonia, high fever, shoots, and shortness of breath are also symptoms of pneumococcal pneumonia.

Anyone can earn Numococar disease, Some people are increasing the risk of infection, including Children For people under the age of two and above 65 years of age. Other risk factors Pneumocole pneumonia Diabetes, asthma, Chronic aspirative pulmonary disease (CODD) And one Immune system Smokers and alcohol abuse are also at risk.

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