Monday , January 30 2023

Heather Learner should spend 30 days at a mental health clinic


Heather Lock Clear

The actress must also serve three months probation.

Heather Locklear was ordered to spend 30 days in a mental health center by a judge.

The 56-year-old actress was in court on Friday, where she pleaded not guilty to eight charges, including six for assaulting a police officer when she was summoned home in June by a disturbing complaint.

But instead of facing jail time, Heather was ordered to spend a month in a mental health center, according to TMZ.

The release states that the judge has served a 120-day jail sentence, which must be served if Heather does not complete her due date at the treatment center, which must begin before September 6.

Sources told TMZ that the 'Dynasty' actress wanted to take responsibility for her actions and "seek help to avoid such problems in the future."

Heather will also have three years of informal probation, which means she will not be monitored, but is expected to abstain from weapons, prescription drugs and alcohol.

Meanwhile, the verdict follows another incident earlier this year in which Heather was hospitalized after she threatened to kill herself.

It was reported that Starr was taken to the hospital after family members called 911 for concerns that the constellation threatened to kill her.

Police sources claim that any unidentified family members called police in concern for Heather's safety, and fire and sheriff's departments in Ventura County responded to the star's home.

Kalkor claimed that the actress was acting in error and threatening to harm herself, and she was looking for his gun.

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