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How to hide your conversations in WhatsApp


Without any doubt, WhatsApp That's one Application It is inevitable for millions of people worldwide to use it.

The evidence is that there are more than 223 million downloads in the January-March period of this year. Along with that, he has taken the crown as the most downloaded app.

You can archive the conversation with Watap. Photo: EFE

And the wattup has features that can be more than useful. For example, if we want to continue the conversation but we do not want to keep it on the main screen, we have it The possibility of hiding the chat, archive it.

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If you want to do what clears up your conversations, you can delete the chats you do not want to keep.

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However, the conversation is that we want to close the main screen. So to unite yourself in such a way that when you need you can reopen them, you have to do this.

  • First you will have to open the uptap area where you can find your conversation list;
  • There you will choose the conversation that you are going to save, pressing it for a few seconds;
  • A gray stripe will appear on the conversation and a check mark next to the contact image or "pelome".
  • Then find the three dots on the super right side and when you open it you will get a submenu in which you will get the option to "Conversation Archive" or down arrow and your task is complete.

If you want to archive multiple conversations simultaneously, you can also do that. It is a similar process similar to the previous one. In all chats, click for bus seconds, which you want to save and once it is released, go to the three-point zone, where you will have the option to save them.

If you want to archive all the chats on WhatsApp

  • Look for three points (top right) in the main screen of the app;
  • Go to Settings; Watch for chats;
  • There he sees the history of chats
  • Select all conversation archives. The app will ask for confirmation. You just have to accept.

How can you find out the conversations you have posted on WhatsApp?

Go to the Chats tab, scroll to search for archived and the selected conversation will be healthy and saved.

To return to the main screen for chat, all you have to do is enter and send a message. Up arrow appears or you can continue to click on the chat until untitled.

As you can see, it is a very simple process.

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