Saturday , February 4 2023

In the national chain, the AMLO conducts the broadcast of the event; It will be an alternative, says Seagob


The broadcast of this act which will lead the President Andreas Manuel Lopez Obador As part of its first year of victory in the elections on Monday, July 1, 2018, it will not be on national television, but a signal will be made available to anyone who wants to broadcast it.

In an urgent instruction to television and radio stations in the country, The Ministry of Home (Seagob) announced to cancel the national chain.

However, he explained that, the radio and television material (DDIM) will be sent to the digital distribution system, as well as the frequency of the production center for informational and special programs (seproopi) through the satellites.

There will also be access to audio signal (streaming) on ​​the General Directorate of Internet platform, Radio, Television and Cinematography, which can be found at FP

In addition, there will be audio streaming access to in the "Live Transmission" menu.

After the announcement of the national broadcast of the event, former President Felipe Calderon wrote on social networks: "What is the legal basis for National Radio and Television Stations? I can not find .."

When former president of Penn, Vicente Fox Cuseda said: The tricks and policies of the old PRI have been updated. It's a concern! "


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