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Iron Maiden will return to Mexico


The Canadian bike is being sent on September 19, 2019 at Palazzo de Los Dortport, as part of the Barrust Tour.

The official announcement made a theater show to inspire their fans through a set of social networks by inspiring the game of mobile devices.

Tourists from Canada, USA, Latin States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil are traveling from major cities in Canada. Ticket sales will be on November 16.

"It's not easy to design different worlds on the platform, we work hard to work, and in the last result we are the most complex and complexest performance ever seen," said Bruce Dixon, a lyricist in the music line.

He added that the public will be introduced along with a spaceware single seat airplane respl slide, aeis higg, torticultural torontois, ikerus giant performance and some fluimentometers.

Dickinson said that the list of music participants in the concert was well thought out in advance. Dexison said to explain the story of the world created for the show.

"The strong balanced system that we should not do for years, combines the songs reflecting the different themes of Ikoris of Sisen and the Simon of the Crossman," the singer finished.

The band will be participating in this event in Los Angeles, with the heavy metal bands FC FC and The Raven Age. Eoin Meydon is Bruce Dixon, Janik Gers, Steve Harris, Nico McPrine, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith.

Iron Maiden will return to Mexico

Show a concert at the Palazzo de Losepporos in Mexico City on September 29, 2019.

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