Saturday , January 23 2021

Laura Bozo admits whether she is lesbian? (Video)

Laura Bozo is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in Mexico, thanks to her program "Laura"Aired by Televiews, He won the love Contempt Thousands Mexican people

She has recently passed through a difficult phase Divorce Your partner's Cristian Zurez, Which has led him to make a revolutionary decision.

What will Laura Bozo do?

Laura Bozo

The famous Peruvian driver of 67 years old He talked about his failed relationship with the controversial show "Intruders" Cristian Zurez, With whom she had been for nearly 20 years, who disappointed her in love and lost faith in men so that she could "go to the other side" and be Lesbian.

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"I'm not interested in men, women I do not know, not now, but I do not rule it, you never have to rule it, you never know"

Laura Bozo and Juan Jose Origin

That was the answer Laura Bozo Due to the question asked by Juan Jose Origil, the driver inquires about what he thinks Walk with a woman.

Laura Bozo and Cristian Zurez

As a result, we will soon see Laura Bose Female Couple, Because after his criticism campaign his ex-partner has interviewed, the famous driver wants to take any thing with any thing now Man.

Here we leave the controversial video:

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