Monday , June 5 2023

Located on the seashore of the Lion Air airliner, which is attached to their seats


Passenger transport bodies killed in Lion Aircraft crashes have still been recorded at their seaside at the bottom of the ocean, CBS News reported. Indonesian divers discovered that Boeing 737 found bodies among the metals in the Java Sea bed.

According to media, so far only small pieces were on the aircraft. On Thursday evening, a part of the landing was discovered, according to the rescue team, but he hopes that the bulk of the aircraft will be easily traced these are minimal.

As part of the raking operation, the Indonesian authorities have deployed divers, search and rescue boats, four sonar detectors and an underwater acoustic signal. The teams managed to find one black box between the Boeing 737 wreckage, which could solve the mystery of the accident.

Each machine has two black boxes, one of which records the voices in the cabin and other flight tracking data. It is unknown whether the recovered box was the flight recorder, ie much more useful for research.

Haryo Satmiko, deputy head of the Indonesia Transport Safety Committee, says experts have downloaded data stored in the black box. While downloading usually takes a few hours, professionals can do it It takes weeks to analyze the information analyzed.

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