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Low cost carbohydrate diet: Doctor


The body weight can be reduced by changing the ratio of the micronutrients without changing the number of calories. This can be retained in the medium and long term.

Whether or not through a balanced diet plan or a miracle products or intensive foods, Care Diet.

The FIG Official Mexican Standard (NOM-043), "Promotion and education for health in food"A. Ministry of Health (SSA), That Diet Each day defines food habits and resources and creates food units.

In that sense, The right food Must comply with 6 basic, balanced, thorough, thorough, adequate, varied and adequate 6 basic characteristics.

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Great maintenance

Food should therefore not only address short-term goals. Medium and long term goals are important, which are critical components of health.

In this regard, a new publication The FIG The key is to get the required burden and keep it up.

The work of researchers Boston Children's HospitalThe food is low Carbohydrates Increase the risk of weight loss and reduce excess weight because it increases burning calories.

When these results were reached, researchers studied 234-year-old adults ObesityThat is, more than 25 years with a Body Mass Index (BMI).

Then there was 60% calorie restriction on the maintenance diet, but the ratio of macronutates was the same:

1. Carbohydrates (45%)

2. Fat (30%)

3. Proteins (25%).

Thus, the use of the end of the authors' end CarbohydratesThey used 209 to 278 calories and more from those who ate this amount of food.

Maintenance is a carbohydrate diet

The authors also explain that the proportion may change Macronutrients Weight loss without changing the number of calories. It can be retained on medium and long term basis.

The narrative of the foremost is mainly in 2: the hormones Grill And then Leptin When it is consumed it works differently Carbohydrates This is low

The FIG Diet Low carbs, it's good Care Diet.

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Finally, the researchers explain:

"Low Glycemic Load A Diet Maintain high fat maintenance Weight lossesBeyond the usual suggestion to perform a calorie ceiling and exercise more. "

Finally, the question is: that is it Low carb diet Is proper diet?

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