Thursday , June 8 2023

"Macbery" challenges youth to go in for fun


The Mexican State Attorney General of Mexico, Tabasco, said this was a "serious" challenge that would be strengthened from social networks. It encourages voluntary discouragement of young people and adolescents.

That & # 39;48 hours challenge& # 39; A "Dangerous Game", at home, suddenly appearing to promote, encourage and encourage relatives in relation to that relationship.

According to Computer Crime Investigation Unit of the Tabasco Prosecutor's Office, The game begins When the person or friends of the person participating in this challenge is reported to be missing in social networks, Points as many as possible.

"Parents say this terrible challenge to risking the lives of their children and the peace of their families. Seriously pour", The warning suggests.

It grew in Spain

The local media reported that the computer crime investigation unit started investigating the incident. A 20-year-old girl last week disappeared, and only one day after the disappearance. But later the prosecutor ruled the woman He took part in that challengeOr it was abducted, but not for personal reasons.

In addition, a 48-hour challenge was explained by Prosecutor of Tabasco's Fernando Valenzuela Pernas. It grew in Spain, Reached via Mexico through social networks, and reached Tamazço. Therefore, there is a probe in the case related to the Sergeant Police.

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