Thursday , March 4 2021

Making Transfer Smart Purchases

The Defense of Sub-Deposit Financial Services Customers of the National Bureau of the National Security (EDC) at Edgar Carvalzle Esplanade said that people should not be subject to unauthorized charges to buy smart purchases because the use of electronic media in the eight burn fine edition is encouraging.

In an interview, users are comparing prices to pay a receipt for future demands, noting interest free promotions, "he said.

He reminded a financial service customer for up to 90 days for unrestricted charges. So, using credit and debit cards should be done carefully.

He said of online resources because people who are devoted to fraud are unfortunate. To avoid using computers, it is more likely to be a cyber attack.

"When dealing with the owner of the cardholder, closing terminals, paying attention to his card number, the main suggestion and the fact that Internet cafe computers do not use online purchases."

Contraffen's subdelegoda, some banks already available cards, suggests that there are more serious security measures for purchases through the Internet.

People are careful not to get help from ATMs and then get help from strangers.

90 days after refusing unauthorized charges.

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