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Maya González, to sell cars in the agency, to become global head of sales of Nissan – The News of Chihuahua – Entrelease


Mera González She started selling cars in her career agency, then she was the first Mexican woman in Nissan's management of Mexico, and now she will become the general manager of the company's global sales in Japan. Here we ask you to share some information.

In the country, this is known as the most important woman in the automotive industry, and keeping this in mind, this is the first with nationality.

– In 1998, graduated from the Degree Technology University of Mexico (Unitech) in Marketing.

– Studied the Corporate Leadership Program at Harvard in 2017.

There is also a business program at Ipde Business School.

15 years ago, from the beginning of his career in Japan's company, he contributed to the automotive company to get first place in vehicle sales.

– began in 2001 as a sales manager at Kredninson and Renault at Nostan. Which lasted for five years. "I remember that very much. It was April 2, 2001, I entered into an association with Renault, but before that, I sold a car in the automotive agency," Gonzalez told Notimax.

-Nissan Mexicana S.A. No sales manager. CV (2007 to 2009).

– Director of Consumer Quality and Development of Distributor Network of Nissan North America (2012-2015)

Vice President (2014-2016) of Nissan Mexico's Market Sales

Nissan's President and General Director (2016-present)

– Responsible for the development of the first project of the local distribution network, which means more than 26,000 additional units have been sold during fiscal year 2012.

In her LinkedIn profile, she has been defined: An ambitious executive with extensive experience in the automotive industry, which offers excellent presentation, communication and interactive team management skills.

High energy, as a result-oriented leader, which creates strategic alliances with the organization's leaders to support effective alignment and core business initiatives.

They point out that they develop and maintain high performance teams through the development and inspiration of quality professionals.

Nissan announced on Thursday that Mera Gonzalez will consider the position of General Director of Global Sales of Nissan Motor in Japan, which will leave Nissan Mexicana's President until July 1.

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