Saturday , February 4 2023

Michelin and GM will start the tire without air


In a press release, French company Michelle announced its partnership with General Motors (GM) to realize the tire without air to avoid waste to 200 million tires.

At the Moovin Summit in Montreal in early March, the Association announced its decision in favor of automatic mobility.

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Tire resistant prototype is made with chemical rubber and glass fiber, which is attached to the rasin, which strengthens the tire so that the air is not necessary. He will not need more effort in his maintenance.

Michelin runs the puncher-proof tire system (UPTIS) which will also use the prototype. With this, the new tires without air can still support the car's weight on the road.

Tires will be tested on the GM's Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car, and if the tests are good, the Tire will go on sale in 2024.

With information from Forbes Mexico

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