Friday , July 30 2021

Michelle will document its version of the video scandal in Documentary

(EL Universal) .- The scandal has passed more than 14 years of sexual video Mitchell withNow the actress improves the controversy and Hector directly condemns Sobron to publish such material because at that time she was her emotional partner, soon she will premiere the documentary lifestyle that collects this experience of life.

It will count its version

Michelle Wyatt raised voice and found her experience after her video scandal to help fight cyberbullying and pornvonging.

"I want to give you a final point by sharing my story with the documentary. This is a process that has no end, it's all that will stay with me until I die." About the product that was launched on their social networks Said.

He added that he is actively working to promote the law which halts the spread of pornography, as it is already recognized in Tempecos, Jalisco and Yucatan, but wants federal approval.

So the facts happened

In 1997, Tallenovela began to love their friendship while recording "a little turbulent", but after years of announcing their relationship, it was criticized, because she was 15 years younger than Soberon; She was 16 years old and she was 31 years old.

In April 2002, they were married after more than two years, the ceremony took place on the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, but they separated after the following year. Sobers accused him of being unreliable and months later the video appeared where you interact with a man with age.

Hector Soberon's infidelity

Vieeth recently said that at the time he realized that Sober had retained, at the same time, the love affair with actress Great Waldes, with which she is already committed and she forces her to abort.

After the video, Michelle went to the United States to avoid media questions about her personal life, because she wanted to start a new life and forgot that bitter moment.

As part of this, Sober continued with the war of declarations, and for this day he was reminded of this scandal, because his acting career was covered, and at the moment he was away from television, while While Soap Opera continued to act as an actress. He did not regain a prominent role.

They returned to the life of their love

After that, both of them returned separately in their love life. Hector Soberon married Janet Duron and they are the parents of two girls: Fatima and Luciana.

Like Michelle, she had six years with the London Olympus, with whom she had two children: Landro and Michelle.

Since 2013 their relationship with Christian Apperiki is common: Christian Junior and Salicella.

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