Thursday , October 21 2021

Muere a los 57 años Stephen Hillenburg, 'Bob Esponja'


Stephen Hillenburg, who is popularly known as 'Bob Esponja' in the popular serial of 57 years, has been involved in a series of 57 episodes of the esclerosis lateral amiotrophic. El año pasado, Hillenburg revelo is a diagnostic conductor of the enfermedad neurodegenerativa.

La nucite ha sido confirmada por Nickelodeon, the canal of the original de la serie. "Estimos tristes with information on the information of Stephen Hillenburg, El Escort's 'Bob Esponja'", escribió La cadena en su cuenta de Twitter

Además, in a comunicado, Citado por Deadline Hollywood, Nickelodeon's Destacó that Hillenburg "fue une mich queido and social creativo had a great way to go to the canal in canal". "Steve impregnó a 'Bob Esponja' is a young man who has a harmonious and humorous relationship with a family of ninos and familial men in the field of love", agregó.

Según NBC News, Hillenburg Fue professor biología marina, is the art of combining and combing artistry in the art of marriages, for the first time in the history of the popular serial of the world.

La noticia del fallecimiento de Hillenburg tuvo gran repercusión en la Red. Muchos internautas no sooner than ever had this kind of trick of money, and that is why he has more information about 'Bob Esponja'.

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