Saturday , June 10 2023

On November 24 and 25, the Transmission Train and the new refinery will be in consultation with the Mayan trains.


Elected president, Andres Manuel Lopez OberadorThat consultation was announced on Monday May Train and Transmissions Train, new refinery in Tabasco That November 24 and 25

"On the 24th and 25th of this month we are not only indigenous inhabitants but we are going to have an extensive civil discussion to ask Mexico, but all the Mexicans have their opinion" he met with governors in the United States. Tabasco, Arthropa Nuns; Chiapas, Manual Velasco, Quintana Roo and Carlos Joquin González.

He is confident that the people will vote for the Mayan train.

"I'm sure people can vote because the Mayan train has been built because it does not harm anyone, but to all the poorest people in the South East.

"For example, the media always oppose us, and when we go to the second stage, the Reforma newspaper opens up, launches a campaign, and builds a second one, there's a discussion and then a second floor and they have copied us."

He said the decision of the President of the referee in Tabasco will be set up on December 16 in Palaniku, Chiapas.

In addition, consultations about 10 social programs are included.

When he said that he was in the Tescoco airport project, Lopez O'Brador warned that he was "not impartial".

"I have to say I am going to defend these lines, that is, the case of the airport, I aleacikkukayilla nispaksatayeate dealt with. These ten programs reflect, I will protect them. Of course, it is only my opinion, it would be my vote, citizens will decide, but I want to tell you is the 10 projects Africans, because they were I to campaign promises.

"Anyway, because our competitors are very strict, we have no doubt whatsoever to participate in the debate," he said in an interview.

Morenista added that the procedure used in the decision to decide New Mexico International Airport (NII) would "repeat the irregularities".

"Consultation will be in similar places where thousands of boxes have been delivered at the airport".

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