Wednesday , July 28 2021

One of the two adults does not know that they have diabetes

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In the world of Mexico City, one of the two adults ignores that they have diabetes, so 212 million people suffer from the disease without knowing it, which means that the number of patients in the world is 424 million, they explained UNAM, expert Hospital Juarez de México, Katie Alexandra Sánchez Pozos.

In the Auditorium B in Chemistry's Faculty, the expert said that 10 million adult diabetics are more than 2015 in 2018 and 34 million more people are at risk of developing this disease three years ago. In addition, two-thirds of diabetics are part of an economically active population.

Sanchez Pozos warns that this epidemic reaches children; Prior to the decade, he said that he often suffered from 1 (or childhood) diabetes, and at present, about two to three years ago, the rate of infant and young people with diabetes increased at maturity.

In addition, hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) in the pregnancy affects one in six births.

"The problem with diagnosis is that people do not go to a doctor because they do not harm anything until they cause any problems," said a specialist in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), that the fasting glucose measurement is indicative, But that's not everything.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, insulin disorder or inactivated defective products.

Type 2, which most reflects the population of the world, is a complex situation in which at least three types of genes, as well as personal and general environments are included.

Family history of non-modifiable risk factors, gestational diabetes, ethnicity or history of origin and age of over 45 years. Improved physical inactivity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high body weight.

Some symptoms that may cauterize: frequent infections, slow healing wounds, dim vision, lack of interest and concentration, increased appetite, feelings of sensitivity to hands and feet, excessive thirst, lack of energy, weight loss, urine need to be done. Frequent and vomiting or stomach pain

Some preventive measures are taken to prevent the development of diabetes. "If diabetes has a family history, you should monitor glucose and take physical activity."

He added that if you are already living with this disease, then there are procedures like Fetal surgery, which reduces blood glucose without medication and examines the artificial pancreas, which distributes the device to insulin.

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