Monday , June 5 2023

Palmo de Descholm to Dumbledale: "I'm excited when I'm late -" – football


"I'm not in despair, and if I feel that I do not work at any time, I'll listen to them in another way"
He was speaking at a press conference at the Clarkontaine national team's summit in the south of the Paris region.

Along with the Barcelona board, the French trainer in Dumbleday was disavowed. After that, he said. "The Day Club" It's the responsibility of Barcelona.


Even before the response of the Deschampampatty, the contents of the controversy over the lack of training in the last Thursday were alleged to have been caused by Gastroenteritis.

The incident added French deadlines to a gathering. It came to guess the sale.

Barcelona coach Ernesto Vellardi explained in a press conference last Saturday "Internal issues are internal."

Walier did not call the league match on Sunday. But he hopes to divert the situation. There is no indication that it is waiting for an exit in winter.

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