Monday , May 29 2023

Panama: "Ramankus is the best shooter to shoot a penalty"


Madrid, November 9 (EFE) – Czech former football Antony Panacca, The center was shot by the penalty detector, he agreed with the player Real Madrid, Sergey Ramos, This is your "best imitation".

"I like it, and many times he's been doing as much as Euro Cup 2012. I think he's my best & # 39; imitation, and he's a good guy Pumpkin"Said the current president Bohemian 1905 In an interview the aim.

Pumpkin He also revealed how he is a decisive penalty for his name European In it Yugoslavia 1976 He gave a continuous title to his country.

"Two years ago I had applied it, and I hated that all goalkeepers had leaned to one side or the other, so it's good to throw the middle," he closed.

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