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Phil Spanner believes that Latin America is a company established


XBox FanFest 2018, held in Mexico City, has resulted in a lot of optimism for the brands in Latin America. For this area, Xbox consoles and franchises have been well-received. They grew on every system. As one of the most important events of the year for the brand, its major executives were in our country. Level UP was given a chance to talk with Phil Spenser, who talked about how they saw Latin American markets in Latin UP.

Level UP has been linked to the Latin American market in the interview with Phil James, the head of the Xbox Xbox series Phil Spenser, which discusses the Xbox game pass and the Portable Console's brand. In that sense, the manager highlighted the initial plan that would have introduced its products in Mexico and Latin America. It gave a very positive response from the public: "I am proud of what our team has done since the munkaiyetuttatin. Mexico, Latin America, our products are Xbox- in conjunction with an effort to bring the market share of the console will now see evidence of the country, as well as the same thing happened phrancaisikalkkeappam . Gears of war And HelloHere's an incredible way. We are not market segments, they are big markets, Latin America is only about 200 million players, and only 15 million players represent Mexico, we have done well here for Sony Nintado. Mexican is an established market, it has gone a long time, and here I see how our fourth FanFest is growing and a growing community. I would like to see how the players look like a zone that creates a territory. "

Then, the level UP Phil Spanger was questioned about the creative video scene in Mexico and Latin America. Have you ever wondered whether Microsoft and Xbox are supported in any way? In this regard, the manager was the best way to create a creative basis for bringing in video games for more people. "This is one of the things I do when I'm coming to know developers, do something, do not choose a person and love more than others, but also know about the challenges they face, one of the challenges is not just from Mexico Developers from NAM countries should know how to build video games, where they started talking about some universities and other things, and one of the things we do is launching an Xbox Advaut Controller in Mexico and other markets, but everyone can play We have to let the people play games my father brought up a computer and I started to be a young man and then did not want to play video games They started to write the code of writing, and my way became a player here, so we're bringing video games to people of all kinds. "

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