Monday , March 20 2023

Polina Rubio says he loves Donald Tamp, why?


Saturday night Paulina Rubio Or K-Love Live: Luis Qi Munder & # 39; conducted by K-Love 107.5 Station. The event was held in Los Angeles. "We love you, dear trumpet."

"What a pleasure, a glory, I'm excited here tonight I'm excited, we're ready, we're right, we're like you, Donald Trump, we love you, Donald Tram, send us girls, girls, all my love Love, to the Latinos of the world! ".

Some words, some smiles, and some booths were used to describe Pauline's consort.

After an interview he gave the K-Love station, that Mexican gymnasts said were funny and paranoid. "He was here before the president."

Though he explains love declaration, many are upset Paulina Rubio He is known to speak against the current president of the United States, and he is called "pen ***".

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