Monday , August 2 2021

Rearrangings in pen – Pep Grillo

Reconstruction of PAN

The decision to consider Raphael More's integration of Pan Group in the Senate was part of the negotiations that led Marco Courts to national leadership.

It was a breeze between two distant groups but they have the same thing: they both like the idea of ​​keeping Felipe Calderon as far away as possible.

The issue of the contract has been completed. Marco del Valle is in the main office of the Colony Bunker; Moreno is the co-ordinator and Calldren resigned from Pan and would try to make his own party.

Of course, new managers predict for the future, but at this time long-term calculations are reckless.

The first thing is to stop the game from getting rid of it. Then he continued to give brave fight in three years.


This figure, otherwise chosen by the presidential election within a week's constitutional president to establish the relationship between the federal government and the states, is otherwise controversial.

The so-called "superdelagets" by Senators have already been approved. They will represent all the dependencies of the President's Cabinet in one person.

Because it is easy to pay attention, they will accumulate excessive power and if they are also the entrepreneurs of the entity, they will be placed as natural candidates for governorship.

The governor of Congo, in Congo, already shows their differences, but wants to raise voice to avoid themselves from any new government.

National Guard without resources

Nobody should believe that the last word on the subject of the National Guard has been called

In relation to theory, the 2019 budget does not have the resources tagged to create a new corporation. It was announced by Morena's Parliamentary Coordinator, Mario Delgado in San Lazaro.

Besides constitutional changes, it will potentially make long and slender process.

For now, to calculate a better time, we should keep in mind that whether people want this option or not, they will remain until March 21..

Is still missing. Anything can happen. Non-governmental organizations against the project have the ability to call and leave the media.

They will make changes, or at least a specific timeline demand. They do not always want military and navy policemen.

Migrants, desperate

Day-to-Day status is spoiled within the migrated fleet of Tbilisi in Tijuana.

The bad advisor, who hopes to seize up many groups, wants to break their fortunes in the United States territory.

There is a lot of federal police investigation.

In Altiplano, the influential political group wants to disappear as soon as possible; And on the border, its presence against migration makes the difference between prevention and anarchy.

As it was not enough on the north side of the border, a supremacist has Arron's hand, as if he wants to fight.

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