Wednesday , August 4 2021

Sophia Castro, a few days away from Los Pinos, takes Bikinoso

Next week's Presidential family, composed Enrique Pina NIOTO, Angelica Riviera and her six children, would say goodbye to the official residence of Los Pinos. A few days before the current six-year period, Sofia Castro (One of the President's daughters) rests on the Acapulco coast, Guerre is dressed in her sensual anatomy.

Young actress Sofia Castro He shared a series of photographs on the transparent beaches of Acapulco, where he wore a black bath suit.

He said, "How much do you lose me". Sofia Castro In one of her posts, we can see it sitting on the beach. In other publications he said, "Thank you, I will always take you to your heart."

On the other hand, Sofia Castro He expressed his support for his stepfather Enrique Pina NIOTO, Few days after his tenure as President of Mexico The actress did not decide on joining their social networking count of the EPA, but dedicated a simple (but tender) dedication to show great love.

Sofia Castro released the next photo in her Instagram Stories Enrique Pina NIOTO With the following message: "Most Enrique Pina Nito, How I Love You".

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