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Suman IP, Mara's efforts


Suman IP, Mara's efforts

The mobile medical unit was inaugurated

Celsius Solis

Benito Juuma, November 17- It is very satisfying that efforts to utilize Cancun's citizens, government and private enterprise, morally upset mara lisasma espinosa

The Mobile Medical Unit of the Carissa Foundation was held in the sub division of the National Diabetes Week in 2018, Plaza de la Reforma.
Mara Lesama conducted a tour of the modules traveling with mobile mobile. In which they conducted the chemical evaluation and evaluation of chronic diagnostic diseases, especially diabetes.
This unit will provide the service for free and will focus on people especially in dangerous situations. In implementing studies, private clinics have a value of up to five thousand pesos, which is a big achievement for many families.
In the fight against diabetes after the end of the defensive measures against diabetes, mayor will help prevent and treat the disease. Disease is overweight and obese.
So he invited you to get a healthy lifestyle with dietary eating habits. "We are going to doctor, municipal health services are in their possession and we are bringing them twice a week".
At the end of the tour, the blue circle was created for World Diabetes Day. Similarly, the diabetes initiated by the Plasma de la Reforme in the Purcin Cancun called the cyclists who created a role before; In Malconon Cancun, they returned to Plaza de la Reform.
General Director of Municipal Public Health, Tomas Rangal Pisa; Health Under Secretary, Louise Angel Blanco Marcus in the North of the State; Counselor, Public Health and Social Assistance Commission, Marcruus Carillo Oroco; Patient Assistance Center Director A.C., with Chronic Decigenous Disease (CAPEC), Maria Lillian Chagayan; Santiago Castilla Hernandez is a youngster who has type 1 diabetes.

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