Sunday , June 20 2021

The cats' tongue helps their wool wet the community

The cats' tongue is 300 small, hollow, rugged papilla They allow the underwear of their reptile to wet their saliva in the form of a tuna, while researchers in the United States observe high-resolution cameras.

Now Samanvayam points out that these papillas were like a claws. The scientists published the Monday in the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). In fact, papillas will end when small curved and hollow tips, in which the saliva is broken and the skin is turned into the basin of the hairs.

"It really feels like a tube is half"According to AFP News Agency Alexis Noel, along with the article in the Georgian Institute of Technology Lab. Pappy "acts like straw: put them into a liquid, this little snare rises up".


"If you have a cat, these liquids will attract the tip and apply it deep into your hair"The mechanical engineering researcher said that doctorate doctors and cats have submitted it to languages.

Cats, who remember their article, spend one day in the feet of those who wash their tongues (a cat sleeps for 14 hours).

They keep their hairs in order to remove dirt and ingredients. This coat contains an upper layer that protects it.

The cats are grooved only by feet feet: When the baby is hot, the baby can cool the body, the saliva has a refining capacity.


Pappules are estimated to be 2.3 mm in one of six types of study. They are domestic cats, tigers and lions. Authors checked the language of cats, and recorded 100 photos per second for the language of domestic cats.

Researchers interested in the practical applications of these findings, They believe that human hairbrusions will improve from the finish model.

But they also registered the patent for the industry: "It pumps liquids for carpet fibers," Alexis Noel said.

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