Tuesday , August 16 2022

The Latin Grammy begins on the 19th edition


The FIG Latin grammy They started today 10th edition In MGM Grande Garden Arena in Las Vegas (EU), in which the Colombian J BalvyEight nominations and Spanish language RosaliaStart with your favorite of five candidates.

Will Smith, Mark Antony And Bad Bunny She was inaugurating the venue for the song "Esta Rico".

Actress Anne de la Regerea He is an anchor for the ceremony Carlos Ríra.

One of the artists who is alive all night J Balvy, Rosalia, Ozone, Manzieur Perin, Carla Morrison, Caliber 50, David Aguilera, George Drekler, Canas karciya, Mon-Laufert, Natalya Laforne, Victor Manuelle, Low Recoditus Band, Sebastian travel, Halcye, Angela Aguilar, Pablo Alborne, Carol G, Carlos VivisManna Nicki Jam Made Steve.

Albu Alban will nominate "Prometo" in the Yearly Queen's Category; "Vibrass" by JBalwin; "Caravanus", Chico Barquee; George Drekler "Luffed Ice"; "Next", David Aguilera Kanye Garcia "Soy Yo".

In the same category, they are composed by "Moussa (a salutation in the hands of the Latin American dancer from Los Macorinos"), Volume 2), Natalia Lafornecke "Mexico Forward", by Louis Miguel; "Encanto tropical", by Manzieur Perin; "The river sounds like noise", from Rosellen.

On the other hand, in the song song of this year, the candidates are "before you", by Monlafar; Manziefer Perin "Dancing Seeth", "Dorothy of Gardias", Natalia Lafargecade, and Los Macoronius; "Abruzzo" by El David Aguilar; "Violet Door", Rozalén; , "Malamen", by rosia.

This year's song list is with the song "Para Semap", which is based on Kani Garcia. "Roberto Un Bayo", Carlos Wives, Sebastian Travel; "Telephony", George Drexler; "Tov Mill Mill" by Phyto Pais

Also, they will call the golden recording gramophone of the year as Pablo Alboran "No No Cell"; "É Fake (Homem Barato)", Anadi; "Mende" by J Balen with Will Villa; "International" from the Bombay Estuary; "Telephony", George Drexler; Garnia's "forever"

"X" is from Nick Jam and J Balvin. "Dorty of Gardias", Natalia Lafargecade, and Los Macorinosus; Manziefer Perin "Dancing Seed", "Malamen", by Rosalia.

This year's recording recognition recognizes the achievements of artists, producers and engineers, and the songwriter of this year separates musicians.

Similarly, Angela Aguiler, Anadi, David Aguilar, Alex Ferreira, Karol G, Los Petitphallas, Nana Mendoza, Christian Nodal, Claudia Preto and Benjamin Walker are selected by Latin Grammy.

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