Tuesday , August 16 2022

The members of the second migrant carrier to Iripovatato


Queretaro cr. (proceso.com.mx) – More than one thousand and more than a thousand immigrants from the second guards spent their night out at the Corridor stadium in the city of Cuaretaro, and went to Eurporto on Saturday morning.

As happened in last weekend, the first caravan was not staying in shelters that were created by the Kurteater government to allow them to live, and they were San Francisco City's Cultural Convention Center (Sequo) Juan del Rio, Macro Libraimonto San Juan del Rio-Apollo 0 + 500 km of L Grand.

According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN), they stayed outside the Corridor Stadium and the area in the south of the capital was between 0 to 5 degrees Celsius.

"This Saturday morning, with the active participation of the tunes, steady performance was deployed and 1057 expatriates spent the night at the Kajriridora Stadium in Argentina, traveling across the border to Tijuana, Baja California." Authorities reported in a statement.

The second caravan of migrant workers from the state government and municipal DIP has provided new ladders and pants for dinner for rice, beans and turtles.

The 48 spills for Vidya Surroe were distributed. 103 consultancy services were distributed on two mobile units, the official said.

Some immigrants are difficult to get "aventón" to visit Querétaro.

Tenkatlán was clear from Mexico's landlord that a group of road garders might want to do occasionally for transportation.

The migrants who spent the night at the Korgeridora stadium were men, women, girls and girls. Some of them were in the scrollls.

In a small meeting, immigrants agreed to get up at 3 o'clock, and they cleaned up the place and they will go to Iapuato, Guanajuato at 3:50 am.

"Tomorrow morning 3 o'clock, we clean, we started walking about thirty three times, do you think?" He said a voice.

"Yes!" He replied to the young man.

They condemned immigrants trapped in the Taptzostlan collection in Mexico.

"We'll be a scam like this, we are going to harass Jallicok, Nayarit, and Sinawaau."

Some immigrants said they should pay attention if they found this situation.

Buses will come when Jalisco arrives in the state, and they will travel through this system. The celebration of the small group, which was noticed by the notes, encouraged them.

"By entering Jalisco, we will walk in all the jalisks without walking, we will not, and there will be free buses."

More than 500 migrants will be expected this Saturday. This is an open space in the Kargilodo Stadium.

"They have also got food, medical help and a place to relax," the authorities said in their statement.

According to the National Weather Service, the cold temperatures in Saturn, such as Saturday and Crescent, will continue.

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