Tuesday , January 26 2021

The Salamanca-Leon pipeline opens

Diego Sienue Rodriguez, Guanajuato's director, estimates that 100 percent of the fuel supply in the state can be restored after reopening Salmananka-Leon pipeline.

"After contacting Pemax director Octavio Romero, he confirmed that after reopening the Salamanca-Layon pipeline, he was able to restore the 100-percent gas station service during that day, he wrote in his account.

The citizens of the entity have been given the task of finding fuel on the feet and dealing with the café in hand, because now they are stemmed, whether it is Paymex, OXSI GAS, Shell or Mobil.

In recent days the service station has got fuel through pipes.

Fuel shortages focused on municipalities during the last week: Capital Impact of Appasio Al Alto, Apsello El Grande, Selja, Comonfort, San Miguel de Allende, León, Dolores Hidalgo, and San Luis de la Paz, as well as the Panano, Acabero and now Guanajuato gasoline. Have lost.

Pamax has reported on tonight that in the affected states, moving ahead in the rehabilitation of fuel supply through different routes.

"Despite the delays in distribution, there is enough production to cover the demand, which would have been implemented, will allow the hydrocarbon to be returned as soon as possible," the statement said.

The company called for understanding the society's understanding and support and to avoid buying panic.

"Our supplies and disposal terminals have enough inventions to meet the demand of the population, so the country has not faced any shortages or shortages of products."

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