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The second cause of urgency in the Emergency Department of Pneumonia


Mecca, Mexico, November 12AlmomentoMX) .- National Institute of Respiratory Diseases of Renaissance Base, Pulmonary Sulmana, Pneumonia, in five-year-olds who are suffering from pneumonia, if not determined from time to time

On November 12, pneumonia will be interviewed worldwide. In Mexico, this condition is one of the top 20 causes of death.

He explained that pneumonia is a pandemic of the lungs through bacteria, viruses or fungal infections. This applies because of high fever, jeans, headache, cough, hope and breathing.

He said that the situation is going on in the winter more frequently. So he recommended the people to take preventive measures to prevent the disease.

Bass Saldana pointed out that vaccination for pneumonia-related injections and seasonal influenzaes are the best way to reduce the risk of pneumonia. That is why it is very important to prevent children and older people.

To recommend accurate diagnosis of the symptoms of symptoms in symptoms, he recommends people to look for a patient and seek doctor's advice.

The most dangerous decision-making, especially for both children and adults, is less defensive, and their defense does not provide adequate response to the pathogen.

A person affected by sneezing or carrying a saliva from the saliva is made through pneumococcus pneumonias. Up to 40% of the population have studies that indicate that these bacteria may have a possibility to eat these bacteria, although this does not develop disease but can be substituted.

InER, the second reason for the protection in the Emergency Department is the first reason for mortality, which is why it is considered a serious public health problem.

Since 2009 Influenza A H1N1 exploded, the population took over the defense culture. This will help reduce the risk of pneumonia, which usually helps reduce respiratory diseases.

He recommends these standards to be brought to mind:

Washing hands with soap, water, or alcohol gel

Vaccination against nummocococcus and seasonal influenza

The correct method of nose and sneezing is the internal angle of the mouth and mouth (label sneeze)

If you have a respiratory infection:

Use of masks

Do not spit Do not spit if it is necessary to remove the sap from it, put it in a disposable napkin, put it in a plastic bag and throw it into the trash

The sun can be accessed at homes and offices at any meeting place

Avoid going to busy places

Stay in the house if possible

Special focus on children, adolescents and lung problems

Do not treat yourself with a doctor




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