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The weight of the smoky body will improve


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The harassment of the people, The perfection and loneliness of the community help to improve their body weightFlavia Robles has been diagnosed with this disease.

"The main problem is that a patient is suffering from his obesity and is trying to minimize the problem, and they do not see sick people who are suffering from this condition"The manager of the Nova Nordisk International Trials explained.


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Robales, who suffered a 30-kilogram of my pregnancy, said Patients affected by this disease are not only in their nearest circles but also doctors who do not recognize this disease are mistaken.

"The education of health professionals is an inevitable task, and the patient has a doctor's attention without being noticeable and the patient gets better treatment because he or she is using more neutral language" The doctor, Veronica, told me.

The National Institute of Nutrition and Medical Sciences (SNNC) is an obsessive clinic conducted by Sarawad SUBAIRAN (INNCMS), as it is proving that the patient is guilty.

"Contrary to what happens with other diseases like cancer, it may be a fighter who attempts to beat the condition of the patient, and in the obesity, the patient always stains", He said.

The problem is, he explained, this is a chronic illness and that there is no such disease Obesity patient can not be released from treatment.

In addition, Flavia Robles pointed out that the illnesses are usually lonely, and against the chronic and shiny others of this disease.

"You can not lose weight, you think you are paying close to your tone, exercise, and people, you're alone in this fight, The patient pointed out

As wellThe physical appearance was often a positive one A good job or a couple can share life.

"This at all levels is discrimination in every aspect of life," said the robel.

as well as, Lack of homosexuality will lead to patients who do not seek help to deal with this problem.

He also said that the strategy is influenced In the absence of information on patients to seek treatment optionsDr. Vaswas believes that the integrity and the need to link the family.

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