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They got the Amazon and the Apple contract. Claudona Roam's Pango Quintanarons, Cancun, Pliny Dal Carmen


AceBeach sells electronic devices online for the last 11 years. Half of Apple's products were part of the sale of Aisex. But in the recent past, Apple has made it difficult for third parties to sell new iPhones, iPads and Apple watches.

The new deal between Apple and Amazon will make it more difficult. This will be the attempted coup for small, small online resellers and repair shops.

Apple, Apple, iPhone, XS, XR, Apple, Apple, Apple, Apple, and Apple. As a result, Amazon will remove any unauthorized third party sold on Apple products platform. The sale of Amazon in the US, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany and Spain will come into effect later this year.

Amazon will sell and sell Apple products. It is included in products from Apple's authorized distributors.

On Friday, November 16, a distribution from CNN's business-based Amazon came to know about the distributors. They will be sold until January 4, 2019. Later on, Amazon will remove them from your list. Advised to contact the Amazon app who wants to be a recognized distributor to continue to sell products on the site.

"It's simple [una] The attack on external resellers, "said the owner of Asiiba for anonymity," but they want people like me to go straight through the apple. "

Approved Apple dealers will have to buy one-year low-cost products, which will not mean some retailers. Stocks are very low in the market and in September, and their sales are sold right away from the presentation of the Apple product. New devices are usually buying days to sell at third-party stores at Apple and Best Bear stores. The gap in the Amazon is tough. They call it "Apple Season".

Other small businesses sell tools to use and reproduce: they are purchased and repaired by their real owners. These companies need to get Apple's approval. Apple will become service providers and Apple's official parts can be used.

Unauthorized companies are selling Apple items on eBay and Craigslist or may continue selling on their own website. However, it represents a small part of what they can do from Amazon. The sales volume is higher than the sales volume, the more salesperson will give more protection.

Amazon has been influencing the retail market in the US and its closest rival. In the US, electronic retail sales was up by 49.1 percent, according to EMC. This year, the company expects to sell 258,000 million dollars. EB's second place is 6.6%. Apple is the third largest electronics sales platform in the United States. 3.9% sales. It may seem a little better when compared to Amazon, but it is worth noting that if you think that a limited collection of Apple products will be sold.

"Amazon has always been working to improve customer experience and we are doing this by increasing the products of products that our customers are looking for," Amazon said in a statement on the statement.

Amazon helps retailers to meet retailers for the first time. According to the owner of AceBeach, when they sold some famous toys, Amazon asked for the express permits of producers such as Hassbrus, who sell their products.

In 2013, the US The Supreme Court issued a verdict. Confirms the right of the people to remedy any laws that are subject to copyright. As a company, however, Amazon has no control over who can sell it on their platforms. Sometimes, use this force against your competition. Amazon interrupted the sale of Google devices such as Chromecast, because they were competing against their own smartphone speakers and live streaming tools. Amazon refuses to sell Apple's homepad because it competes with Amazon's echo devices.

A recent change is not going out of business because Apple stopped selling products. However, small businesses selling online are reminded that their survival depends on Amazon.

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