Wednesday , September 28 2022

They remove the ATM that Giving more money in


Houston, EU- This Authorities are inactive And they are put down Shelter a ATM Deliver that Tickets No $ 100 Instead of tickets 10.

This Failed a They found out By Social Networks, Where the user described what happened through his account. Thanks for the release Policeman Discovered Error And they went to that place Check it out Information

Finally, some agents Section No Police Harrison County secured and notified the cashier Bank of America.

Provider is confused

This The reason The crossing of delivery was one Supplier Put in Wrongly A statement from the bank said that a bill of 100 dollars instead of 10.

Bank of America also said that customers can Stay there With Extra money They received.

Based in Bank of America's Authorities, North Carolina, Do not report the amount distributed by mistake.

This note contains the following information:


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  • Police
  • Search
  • Error
  • Delivery
  • Banknotes
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  • Cult
  • Badly placed
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