Monday , August 2 2021

They will enter 1,800m to revive the center

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Considering an increase in insecurity, overflow of the street trade and the population of the region, the government's elected head Claudia Sheenbauem announced at least $ 1.8 billion of public investment during the term for a comprehensive revival plan. The historic center, which will receive 347 million pesos in its first year.

Against the merchants of the area, former head of the delegation in Tandan said that the first step is to fight against insecurity in the first frame and at the same time, with streets and public places, especially the perimeter of the center, the most neglected and the high crime incidents.

"The first commitment is to restore security in the center. We know how the situation is and that's why the leader of safety and law enforcement can be with you." Shanbaum Parada promised the businessmen.

According to the diagnosis in the revival plan, in the historic center this year so far criminal cases have been awarded 55 death penalty.

The main dispute is between criminal gangs of Unión de Tappito and Anti-Unión, who control the drug transaction.

Red square bulbs were also located on the north side of Perimeter and Central Axis.

Future Secretaries of Security, Jesua Orta said that from 5th December, patrol, intelligence work and police will strengthen the investigation and will take special care of tourist areas like Garibaldi, where three people were killed in September.

"I am committed to establishing a work table and we are monitoring with you [empresarios] And to get information about what is going on with neighbors and to attack the problem jointly, "Orta said, who advised the ruling case.

Target areas In parallel, central repetition will be encouraged by the rehabilitation of three paragraphs of B-perimeter and urban services will be improved.

The official of the Historical Center (HH), the next holder of Dunnia Ludlow, explains that it will start in the Guerrero neighborhood in the Santa Maria La Reindra region of Alameda Central, and it will reach the poor area.

In turn, the Mayor of Kuutemok, Nestor Nunez, 47 million people will invest in public works and will re-arrange the merchants to return to the approved positions in areas such as Mikkalko, he said in an interview.

After Santa Maria La Redanda, plans to interact in the area of ​​Antigua Merced, the Westin's Carranza Town Hall, and the surrounding area of ​​La Ciudela.

The university announced in its print edition yesterday that the revival plan will create approximately 7,000 social housing units in terminology A and B, as well as rental housing schemes, as the center lost 200,000 residents; In the 1950's, there were 400 thousand inhabitants and now only 1, 100 thousand inhabitants remain.

To that end, Shinbaume said in the interview later that the property favored by the housing institute will be used and it will be made clear that there will be no real estate "MegaProjects" in Perimeter B, but the private initiative will participate in the rehabilitation of low-access properties.

Moreno said, "Humility is not to make the B-Parimeters humble, but we want those people who live in the center will continue to live here and in a dignified way."

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