Monday , May 16 2022

Tigers Naka Ax defeated the Liga MX women's pending competition


Monterrey /

The UNL's LTTE Possibly 7-0 Centela de NecaxaThe date of opening match in 2018 is 15 Liga MX Women Soccer was in dispute at the university stadium.

Objectives have been fixed Bern CruzWithin minutes; AutoGall Brinda Sobbedo, 36, Evelyn Gonzales (40, 59, 77), Cutty Martinez (49) Maria Fernando Elisodo (80)

In succession, the "FN" The 40 units went to the final stage of the tournament and took over the overall leadership, according to the circuit officer.

Toggers were at Togers Tournament. It was the best fight in the tournament. That was 51 goals.

On the last day of the opening, the Centellas rogregas del Atlas will have to face. According to the official calendar, on December 18, Tigers de lunes ended in regular intervals.

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