Monday , August 2 2021

Uber will bring a bike and skate in Mexico

The jump, Company Electric bicycle Shared property of Uber From Principles This Year, It will reach Mexico In First Quarter No 2019 Confirmation, especially for Tech Beat, Rachel Holt, Vice President New Mobility No Uber

"Mexico That's one of the big markets Uber. It's something like that Magical. When we launch a product, it immediately expands exponentially. That is why we want to become the first city in Latin America to try through this new form of mobility Jump ".

The system works similarly to other shared cycling services, with the difference that the cycles are electric and do not need to be deposited in the exact location at the end of the trip. A bicycling battery helps the driver to come straight or to give extra speed with less effort, and it has a range of between 40 to 50 kilometers. Stress

"We want it The jump May be an option Uber X.. We know that at a certain time, such as in densely populated cities MexicoIt is slow to take ibex than to take the subway. For this reason, we thought that making available cycling and electric scooters for people is a way to ease their migration, especially in less than five or six kilometers " Nick Foley, Product Manager The jump For Uber

However, to deploy in Mexico, The service will have to overcome some obstacles, as it is to get the cooperation between the city government and the federal government. "We always talk to decision makers and governments. In case MexicoWe have a healthy relationship with the city's government and we find positive signs in the new administration.

We want to launch The jump Very first Mexico City But the reality is that Bicycle And ScooterTo be Electric, They require recharging infrastructure, so with the agreement with the Mexico City Transport Officer Federal authority Which controls the use and usage of electric power. These are all the negotiations where we operate and we believe we have reached an ideal agreement to start service in Mexico. Foley

According to the responsible engineer for development Jump, To give Ideal Coverage In the city Mexico Around is essential 250 thousand bicycles And, maybe this figure is half in the scooter, but the final figure depends on the new administration in the country's capital.

"We always change the number of cycles, which each administration allows us. Here we have only five thousand bicycles in San Francisco and we do not have permission to run Scooter

This is because the transport manager wants a balance between pedestrian, public transportation, cars and cycles. And you do not want to increase more Bicycle or scooter Rashly said that there is more traffic problems than you would like to solve.

Experts say that the launch The jump In a city like Mexico, there are additional challenges such as other shared bike services are already available (including the ecobic system) and, for example, conditions related to bike rides and cycling stolen but Uber says they are ready for this. Event

Although there is no specific date, it was confirmed that the service will come to Mexico City in the first quarter of 2019.

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