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UdeG, Jorge Dávalos: The last champion was eighth. Elevation MX


Fabius is opposed to the performance of the last tournament. George Davos does not think Lions does not think of Wuław de Kauroros against Jorres.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Jalisco Stadium, Guawalalajara –

Tonight Black Lions That's good FC Jouras, Made an "intellectual game" but resisted a supervision and prevented them from leaving the game benefiting Vuelta de los Quarterfinals That's right Elevation MX Next Saturday.

However 1-1 On the scoreboard, George Dawawas He is convinced that his leaders have a dedication to a leader Opens 2018 Take a look.

"We played a good match and we should think that they are a leader, which is a strong team. We made an intelligent game and we went well. We did not get much, but an overshare of us would drown us. I have the peace of mind that we have behaved in a balanced way, and I'm confident of going forward in the next round, "he said.

Entered eight Liguilla After the tactic has seen his team on Wednesday night, it is no harm.

"We enter the eighth month. The last tournament catapilaros reached eight teams, the champion. We have a little more team. We played badly in Tango. Personally, we play well today. The second goal we did not have is more and more going. "

A game Quarterfinals At 21 o'clock in Bravo de Juarez will play next Saturday from across the country.

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