Monday , May 29 2023

UPDATE 1-BofA Merrill Lynch calls the Mexican bantor shares "neutral"


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The Mexican Government Merlin Lynch, Glopfinciero Barotte, following the concerns about the Mexican state apparatus's concerns about investments, is "stagnant" and "neutral" by recent declarations.

Reuters reported that the new building of the new city of Mexico has been canceled and has taken the initiative to limit the bank's fees. "Mexico has expanded uncertainty and increased the risk."

Banks are in uncertainty with strong balance sheets (high capital ratios, fixed deposit schemes and a reduction in credit risk).

The benchmark indices on the Bourke were the highest in the previous week. On Monday, it declined by 98.010 paise from 7.0 per cent.

Last week, senators from his party said that after the unexpected initiatives of the banking commissions, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, elected by the Mexican president, would not change the legal framework for economic, economic, and economic matters in the country. In the first half of six years.

However, the Senator's Coordinator of Morna, Ricardo Moniell, said that this initiative will continue.

"The legislative process will continue and it can not be stopped," Monor told reporters on Monday. "It's not our plan to stop it," he stressed.

Bank of America Merlin Lynch said the big retail banks such as Barroot, Santander, Mexico, and others would be further weakened by the commission. This is about 10 per cent of the total operating income.

The company's recommendation also reduced the stake in Jentera's shares from "neutral" to "marketing performance".

Mexico City writes. Edited by Carlos Aliaga

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