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Verlator Mercury: Horoscope Today 17 August Gust


Find out what luck is for you this Saturday, August 17th, 2019! Also check predictions and your lucky number.


Paralyze the mental retard. Now your goal is to become a better person. Taking care of your physical and mental health will help you deal with the problems of positiveism. માં In every problem or situation that arises, you will know how your mind will create successful solutions. Relax your body and empty your mind.

Lucky numbers: 29, 5, 13.


Your professional quality will be tested but you will win. The energy of the planets will take you to higher altitudes, which will help you to win. Everything that slows you down and hurts you and puts you in the position you deserve for your undeniable talents and abilities.

Lucky numbers: 1, 34, 50.


Your revenue grows and you can buy something you want. Your professional destiny is now connected to art, spirituality, creativity, decoration, dance, music and politics. Your vision, prophetic spirit, and your gift of communication can guide many people.

Lucky numbers: 4, 31, 28.


Recognize that you cannot go to war with yourself and the world. Start correcting the shortcomings that affect you and delay you as a human being. Don't want to control one's life, or live your life by others. It's time to develop patience and understanding toward you.

Lucky numbers: 47, 15, 9.


You will now be the tool to cure diseases and eliminate the misery of others. With so much light on you, hidden enemies and free enemies rise. Send blessings to everyone who wishes you bad, Expect some surprises for family members who are far away from you.

Lucky numbers: 16, 9, 48.


Bury the past and open yourself to a new period of your life where you can realize your dream of love. To insist on what is not convenient for you is to waste your time as a bright, virgin. You will realize that your destiny has changed. Get out of mania, obsessions and fantasies of love.

Lucky numbers: 45, 3, 27.


It's frustrating you don't get too ressed. Something that you have wanted for years, is given to you as a divine gift. New and great friends will collaborate with you so that unfinished projects can be green. Expect success at the professional level.

Lucky numbers: 17, 30, 2.


You will continue to spend and enjoy what you choose but you will not spend on anything that does not suit you. Money comes in handy when you need it most. Release your imagination and create a new universe where you can achieve the seemingly impossible.

Lucky numbers: 22, 1, 14.


Educate yourself on everything that matters to your health. Listen to the advice and suggestions of your friends, but always consider your own intuition. Your inner voice never fails you. When you hear many opinions, you are confused and make serious mistakes.

Lucky numbers: 41, 35, 28.


You will now see stability and not adventures but where fear reigns. You will not let them deceive you with your feelings. You will feel more confident about yourself by overcoming fears and insecurities. This is the time to develop your sleeping skills and enjoy life more.

Lucky numbers: 18, 24, 35.

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Essays and ridiculous assemblies will guide you in doing healthy things. You are fun, fun. You have no time, space, or labels limit. You don't care what other people think of you. You will only consider what you think of yourself.

Lucky numbers: 6, 10, 32.


Take care of your money, money, and analyze any job or business offers you have. Overcome fear of poverty, poverty and limitations. The money comes to you through a new business or a new partnership. Imagine abundant thoughts, prosperity, joy, love and success.

Lucky numbers: 8, 12, 5.

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