Wednesday , February 24 2021

Volkswagen has announced plans to launch electric cars

Volkswagen To develop 44 million euros (50 billion euros) of electricity and autonomous cars, the next compact sedan will be sold, I.D.For a price like golf for a diesel engine.

Volkswagen's President Hans Diet Pottash said that for the next five years the company plans to "Global provider of sustainable motion"

VW with Ford company on possible cooperation to build light commercial vehicles.

Volkswagen is building a three factory in Germany and is part of an effort to get out of diesel engines. He said the number of electric models will rise from about six to now by 2025.

Car dealers are also developing electric car promotions to telescope. In Europe, manufacturers need battery-powered vehicles to keep strict regulation on carbon dioxide emissions in 2021. These vehicles are still in the cheap market because of their high price no place to recharge.

The next compact sedan will be more or less like the current diesel golf in the IT company. The basic model for diesel golf in Germany is 23,000 875 euros ($ 26,000 990), according to Volkswagen website, when they add optional features.

Only last year's European Union car market was just 0.6 per cent of the battery.

Volkswagen and other automobile companies are working to build a network of rapid charging stations.

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