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What is medicinal black?

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What is medicinal black?

The FIG Medicinal opium It has been used for centuries to address certain diseases. It is considered as a medicine. Why do you have a reputation?

According to published studiesNational Institute of Health, United States, The Black This is a drug that becomes a drug MorphineThis is another type of alkylide.

In its results it is used as a drug alternative. The FIG Black Causes, drowsiness, severe relaxation and sometimes tiring. For this reason, medicinal om ium is mainly used to reduce pain.

Cancer patients may be morphine to some patients after some physical surgeries.

The FIG Black It can be considered one The Lord Even the strongest of them Anesthesia results It reduces speech.


Some people smoke directly into the plant through the same pipeline, just like the polishing, and the effect is relaxing.

It is also eaten by an infusion. It produces the plant in hot water, which is cooked when cooked.

Finally, this will be done by tuberculosis, so it must be under medical supervision.

The FIG Black This is a very powerful drug and is now illegal in many countries, as has already been suggested, as a benchmark. The Lord To avoid the illness suffered serious pain, but what gives it is not morphine, morphine.

The FIG Medicinal opium This will help improve the condition of some patients. Still, it is still in discussion. In some countries it is still not legal.

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