Monday , May 16 2022

Wins the weight after the next government's quiet message


Mexico City After completing the lowest level since June, Mexican Peso was praised on Tuesday and on Saturday, appreciated on Tuesday after giving a quiet message to the markets by the economic team of the then working Prime Minister Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The domestic currency is traded at $ 20.4574 per trade, which is 0.77% or 15.86 cents, compared to 20,616 of the reference price. Reuters Monday

An important technical level is considered, after 20.6 unit fell, the currency took a breath.

Following the fall of the Mexican stock exchange on Monday, investors demanded to remain calm on Monday and re-affirmed that it would retain its goal of recording the primary surplus in 2019 and use the remaining balance of the Bank of Mexico's debt wages to pay.

"The message of tomorrow's Secretary of the Treasury helped little in the currency, although the currency will depend on external factors, such as the US-China trade war, so the pressure can come back anyway."

Meanwhile, financial group analyst Monnex said that the local currency was appreciated after supporting the government to manage the resources of the future Sachyee Aafors, reform of the party associated with Lopez, the Oberoi

The Mexican stock exchange dropped 4.17 percent on Monday, which was 39,427.28 points, the lowest level since March 2014. Peso decreased by more than 1.0 percent.

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