Friday , September 24 2021

A young woman complains against the footballer

Samuel Eto'o is a victim of some attacks on social networks. The last one belongs to a woman named Adiélus da Rosaro. This information is taking a precaution against Cameron International without consulting the 19-year-old daughter.

The woman has lodged a complaint against the football player in Madrid, Spain. This is the whole web of warming since the release of the Cape Verde.

But one of the questions asked by many observers is that they are waiting to file a complaint against the 19-year-old footballer.

Even a daughter named Cameron striker Erica would have reacted to the paternity of revenge.

"I had a father (mother was resting at his birthday, Ed) and I did not realize my father was a footballer, and when I saw him I could not believe it, we are very similar, we have the same imagination", The Spanish media told ABC before continuing: "I would like to see my brothers, because I have more people in this family."

Barcelona's previous striker said that Samuel Eto's image is aimed at blemishing, particularly the head of the Cameroon football player Cameron, Biel (85) who is looking for the seventh judge.

Many of the workers were not supported by Samuel Eto'o, the poor and marginalized.

Now, the record for goals scored by Indominable Lions (56 goals in 118 matches) has not responded to these attacks.

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Samuel Eto'o: A woman complains against the footballer

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