Tuesday , February 7 2023

Adil Rami responds to the allegations of violence by Pamela Anderson


BREAK – Adil Ram's answers Footballer has responded to recent Instagram allegations made by his ex, Pamela Anderson. By announcing her recent uprising on social networks, the actress accused her of being physically violent. This comment has been postponed by Adil Ram's participation with the National Solidarity Federation (FNSF).

On Saturday morning, the player of the Olympic de Marceli has decided to respond to the Instagram and it is also a "disgusting" allegation. And he definitely denies it.

"These allegations of violence are completely false and I do not allow them to go. I am very corrupt, it is serious." Those who know me know who I am and my values. They know that it is impossible and I could No, if she wants to touch me, she chooses better. She knows that my commitment to violence against women is something that is really important to me, "writes Adil Rami, FNA Insisting to understand the decision of SEF

Believe that Pamela Anderson's allegations go too far, Adil Ram is not likely to invoke an appeal without speaking, "I do not give any indication of these false allegations of me and my family. All this is very serious. […] I let the professors take care of it. "

Former letters of Adil Rami

To declare breaks on social networks, Pamela Anderson accused Adil Rami of having double life with his former partner Sido Bimont. Since then the player has assumed "blurry".

But, from the top, Pamela Anderson has later published letters that she has interfered with Sido Bymont and in which she described the problematic behavior of Adil Rami. "Last summer (in 2018), he chased me on Los Angeles and St. Tropez – this was the worst of the summer, he cut off both of my hands, I had to go to the hospital (after 6 months) because I suffered a lot. In the missive, he says that I can not write a water bottle or open it.

FNSB became alarmed by the extract of these leaflets. "FNSF applies the principles of violence to women who listen to their words and believe. FNSF has decided to suspend the connection for future actions with Adil Rami, additional information about the remaining clarification and statements of his former partner," writes a network of organizations in a statement .

As part of it, Sidin Bymint refused to suffer violence by Adil Rami.

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