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Afroximink CFC 20 billion loan will be provided to develop the Gabon's wooden industry


Afroximink CFC 20 billion loan will be provided to develop the Gabon's wooden industry

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Libreville and Libreville, 20,000 CFAs Frank takes possession of it. Egypt is a subsidiary of the African-owned Case de Depotus Exports (CDC-Gaonon). Nako Special Economic Zone (ZES) in Gabon.

Signing of the Loan Agreement The Officer's Chief Executive Officer Benedict Oak Orama and CDC CEO Hermann Noungou Bigfab, Egypt, deputy chief Gabriel Otago, special economic zone.

This major financial loan will be established by the Wood Industry Loan Fund (WILF) or the "Development of Wood Industry" debt financing and a subsidiary; The capital of the CDC.

According to CDC, this new funding system will increase Enke production in Enco and increase the number of jobs. Loans will be available in the form of short-term revolving credits.

More than 50 companies of NRF sectors are paid out by the Gabonese Trade Companies operating in the Trade Trade industry.

The funding between 300 million and 1 billion FSF for a period of three months is a 30-year loan up to 20 percent GSEES.

"The initiative will help accelerate the development of NAC cess and promote wooden industries, industrial tree production, and beneficiary units Gavonas' economy ultimately benefits from this financing: strengthening the value network, increasing local value addition, Increasing the quality of the competition based on the competition-based system prompted industrialization in the forest wood industry. Director General of the CDC, Herman Nouauautou Bignoubaba said.

The Directors of the CDC directors assure the deputy head of the NAC Special Economic Zone "LWorking Capital of Institutions Established in Nach SEZ Funds help secure distribution of raw materials and will help in the production of production in the context of increased growth.International demand for tropical forests and product products in most markets. The Nock Special Economic Zone is an industrial park that we witness to the real transformation of our economy and the gradual abilities of timber exploitation. Part of this transformation is for the benefit of the private sector, the adivasis and adivasis. ".

In fact, according to the International Tropical Stone Organization, many countries face significant problems in delivering adequate quantity of raw materials from legally exploited sustainable sources.

As part of the launch of this fund, CDC provides financial assistance for strategic and promising sectors, ie industrialization of the forestry industry.

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