Friday , January 28 2022

After the cat kiss in Morocco, the British youth died in the Arabian Sea


A British man died after a cat was caught in Cobain in Morocco. The pub health UK health agency said. The passengers were asked to follow the vaccination guidelines..

This disease was taken a few weeks ago. The Press Association says no immediate treatment. Health authorities do not provide much information in this case.

Professor Jimmy Wittworth of the London School of Hjjjon and Tropical Medicine says that the symptoms of a patient in the human population after the virus are "two to three months".

"However, this can only be taken one week, so it's important to be careful and injections." In this case, the vaccine never received the vaccine.

Grandmothers "affect the nervous system, especially the brain, and eventually cause total fatigue and death," Jonathan Baal, professor of molecular veterology at Nottingham University said.

"There are some very effective vaccines, but they need to be used before symptoms appear," he said.

Public Health England says that in 2002 a man in Scotland had a minor case of having a shirt.

Between 2000 and 2017, five other UK residents were contracted rabbits after "outside the bloodstream of an abominable animal".

"Rabbi is widespread in some parts of the world, especially in Asia and Africa," warned PHE. All travelers in countries affected by rabbits contact with dogs, cats and other animals as much as possible and vaccines for travel.

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