Monday , August 2 2021

Benchmass on Akhichichine Pamistes, convicted by the rififf

Kiosque360 WFP manager has decided to punish the president of the Marekak-Safi region and punish him. This decision is disputed by many party leaders, who have resorted to a remedy for "collective punishment". Accused.

There is nothing better with WFP Indeed, the party is experiencing an unprecedented explosive situation, which can sometimes result in blasts, report daily Assabah In its issue of the week of 24th and 25th November.

Following the decisions taken by the new Secretary General Hakim Bentchemas, he has made a serious protest, addressing the leader and chairman of the Marekak-Safina Regional Council Ahmed Ahmad Akhtichi. Water drop can make the vase overflow.

The newspaper reports that in the first chamber, the former leader of the party's parliamentary group, Abdeltif Wahbi, did not hesitate to be accused of management being in the root of this tension.

The decision to blame Achchitchin, deputy, said, "In this sense, it is an improper act and is controversial by many party leaders and leaders, who is the President of the Maracayk-Safi region," a state of the state "who has not done any wrongdoing that is in the value of such approval May

In addition, the former head of the parliamentary group said that other members, including first-ranked, were also granted in Agadir and Irachchadi areas and questioned the organization's organizational situation in these areas. Regions also where party authorities are, besides, blocked by internal conflicts.

According to the newspaper, the MP would try to interfere with the leadership of the party to please Spirits, but the Secretary General stopped the door for any attempt of moderation, "taking prohibition against everyone who chooses to resolve party organizational problems in some cities".

Apart from this, paper notes, led by the party, decided to call the Federal Office this Saturday, according to a decision taken at the last meeting of this organization on 27 October.

The Secretary General urged all the members to attend this important meeting Assabah. In fact, among other things on the agenda, the election of the Federal Office and the disciplinary commission's report and appeals results were fought in the political bureau.

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