Thursday , January 21 2021

Benetia gives rise to two German giants

Two big German clubs compete for the Atlas Lion Captain and want to get their services from the Winter Mercot.

Juventus Turin, the Moroccan Defender of the Medie Benantia, is in the heart of the German derby. Eligible for the knockout stage of the Champions League, Shawkke 04 and Borussia Dortmund want to strengthen their defensive field by hiring an experienced captain. Atlas Lions.

In any case, Italian daily tells us this Tuttosport, Who claim that Lucian Favre, with a leader in Germany Yellow and black, And Domenico Tedesco, Coach Royal BluesWants to take advantage of the current status of Morocco in Italy, so that they can return to Bundesliga.

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After Leonardo Bonucci's return to the last summer, in the absence of playing, Medie Benatia has publicly expressed the desire to play more games: "At the age of 31, I want to play more, in January, we can see or do."

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If Benetia agreed to return to Germany, he spent two seasons in Byrne Munich (2014-2016), his teammates would get Dortmund, Akf Fakir and Hamza Mendel in Shalke.

If the three weeks of winter break in Bundesliga, then the Derby transfer of Rohru will continue on the transfer market.

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