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Carlos Gos was arrested in Japan


Renault CEO and Carlo Gosnone, the world's biggest business leader, was arrested in Tokyo. He wishes to remove him from work as quickly as possible on the basis of the misunderstanding done by the courts after his domestic inquiry. .

The news was reported on Monday afternoon in Tokyo. Japanese auto giant Carlos Gosson, head of the board of directors of Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, said. The Tokyo Prosecutor's Office is suspected of hiding revenue from tax authorities.

After all, the 64-year-old Franco-Liban-Brazilian brigade, Nassani, 64, who founded the car empire in the last two decades, was no other business leader. And it was before him.

Carlos Gosnan "For years has realized reports of real revenue," said Nisan, a survey of a whistleblower report.

"A number of scams have been identified, such as the use of corporate proprietary rights for personal purposes", and the board of directors "intends to" remove his position suddenly ". .

Another niche, Greg Kelly, claimed Nissan.

This step was transferred to the office of Tokyo Prosecutor. The arrest of Gos was not confirmed at this stage.

The raid was conducted by the NHK Public Television Channel in the presence of Nisan Headquarters in Yokohama near Tokyo. A press conference will be held at GMT in the presence of CEO Hiroto Saikawa.

– "cost killing" –

In the spring of 1999, Carlos Goshen Nissan was slowly taking up too much time in Tokyo. Two years later he was elected CEO.

Nicknamed 'Care Killer' He became a profitable company with annual sales of 100 billion euros. The islands.

He had his baton in April 2017. The relationship with Rino and Mitsubishi Motor was one of the board of directors of Hiroto Saikawa. Global auto industry.

He was the CEO of Nissan and touched 750 billion yen (8.8 million euros) between April 2016 and March 2017. He also earns 7 million euros in 2009 as Renault CEO. He has been managing director since 2009 (since CEO since 2005), which was often the most brutal.

Immanuel Macronon, French Vice President of Immanuel Macron of France, said: "Be careful about the stability of the Renault, the alliance with Nissa.

Mitsubishi Motors' board chairman and Carlos Gosnanna By the end of 2016, he bought 34% stake in Transformat's scam via Nissan.

Rinaul Nisan-Mitsubishi's participation is now a complex balancing factor. These include specialty companies, including most of the cross-shares.

Renault is the owner of 43% Vajra Group. Nissan's Mitsubishi Motors is at 34% Recent merge news was filtered recently.

The car has been entrusted to the Franco-Japanese capital of the largest automobile group in the world. Last year, over 10.6 million cars were sold. Toyota's rivals Toyota or Volkswagen.

"Because of arresting, he will break the corner-row," said an analyst at the research firm SETRURUA TAKADA in front of the press briefing.

On the Paris Stock Exchange, it was 10 per cent lower. Tokyo's location was closed and the first information appeared.

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