Monday , March 1 2021

Céline Dion, and her childless education: she gives a powerful message

Renee-Charles, 17, who celebrated the 9 th birthday last October, along with twins Nelson and Eddie, is the mother of three children Salini Dion. The 50-year-old Canadian star is not an incredible singer but a powerful businessman. Recently, they have recently released a collection of non-gender dresses. The children are handed over by a middle class policeman. This ad is continuum for the last two years of its image change.

In the interview given to HLN channel with two Institutes of Management, Celine Dion inspired his children and education for many years, and helped them in co-operation. Celenan. "The I'm taking them to Disneyland first, and they're going to run superheroes. But they looked at the princess. They all wanted the Minnie Mouse. So I asked,And then Mickey?I thought & # 39;You know, this is true. You know why they are looking for something, "she said," with long hair, like the twins of his twins, his twins.

Thereafter, he gave us a powerful message. Everyone has to choose values ​​that we want to broadcast, but his own mind is not clear. "Let your children know what they feel. You do not know what your child will do later. They do not want to grow in psyche & # 39;I must be the same, I can say that, I should say that, I should say that. I am a young person because I want to do that. Let's see if the number is as high as possible"She declared strength and conviction.

Céline Dion has published an interview on his social networks, and there are millions of subscribers.

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