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Continuation of the social policies of the State


The budget deficit is likely to fall to -10.4 per cent in 2019. Finance Minister, Mr Abdur Rehman Rouya, made the announcement during the presentation of the Budget for 2019.

As per the budgetary budget estimate of 2019, the Cabinet marks the session of the president of the National People's Congress, Moud Boucharab, in the presence of several members of the cabinet. -10.4% budget deficit to GDP In comparison to the current situation, the budget deficit is estimated to be 10.9%. These two figures are actually deficient in deficit, and the trend that changes in budget revenue and budget costs when compared to 2018 closure forecasts should be noted. The cost of capital expenditure is 10.9 percent and the operating costs 8.1 percent increase. The total cost of the 8,557.2 billion DA is estimated to increase the cost of 4,954,5 billion DA in 2019. (Capital Expenditure 3,602), 7 Billion DA (-10.9%). The budget revenues will rise to $ 6,507.9 billion in 2019. Of this, $ 2,714.5 billion was registered in petroleum taxation budget. Oil marketing companies are projected to get 3,201.4 billion dines in 2019. However, it is estimated that the adverse recommendations to the GDP will be 5.7 per cent in 2020 and 5 per cent in 2021.

Foreign exchange reserves in 2019 amounted to $ 62 billion

The foreign exchange reserves are closing at $ 81.61 billion by the end of 2018. Foreign exchange reserves are slated to be $ 62 billion in 2019, $ 47.8 billion in 2020 and $ 33.8 billion in 2021. Despite the decline in the hydrocarbon sector, industry, manufacturing, public-sector and agriculture and services (commercial and non-commercial spheres) will accelerate growth in 2019. The bill is projected to grow by 2.9% by 2019. This bill is compared to 3.2 percent growth, except for hydrocarbons. In 2019, hydrocarbon exports declined by 1 per cent to $ 33.2 billion. (4.7%), Industry (5%), Agriculture (3.7%), Market and Non-Market Services (1.8%).

A draft text was developed based on the reference price of 50 dollars per barrel oil

The 2019 PLFF is designed for a price of 50 dollars, Algerian oil barrel and "Sahara Blend" and a base price of $ 60. For Algerian Dinar Exchange, this should be for a total of 118 dinars / USD. Average yearly prices for 2019-2021 will be 4.5% in 2019, 3.9% in 2020 and 3.5% in 2021. Economic growth will increase by 3.4% by 2021 and by 3.221% in 2021. Average growth of 3.1% other than hydrocarbons. In 2020, 2021 and 2021, hydrocarbons exports to $ 4.220 billion, 2% in 2021 and 35.2 billion dollars.
This text, reflecting the steps taken by the government to control imports, will be $ 44 billion in 2019, $ 42.9 billion in 2020, $ 205 billion in 2021, the trade deficit deficit of $ 10.4 billion in 2014, $ 8.2 billion in 2020 and $ 6.4 billion in 2021.
From $ 17.2 billion in 2019 to 14.2 billion dollars in 2020, by 2021 to $ 14 billion, and the same balance sheet will be paid. The foreign exchange reserves in 2019 will be 47.8 billion dollars in 2020, and then 2021 will be $ 33.8 billion.

No tax is tax

Importantly, this draft lesson does not have practically new taxes. These taxes are for better monitoring in tax liability. The PFF in 2019 has repeatedly reported to the Minister to continue to address the negative effects of reducing economic resources in the national economy. Oil prices fell because of the domestic and external financial balance. For this purpose, the Ambedkarites are continuing to control the control of public expenditure to restrict public control. Detailed presentation of PFF 2019 included all information about the PFF draft report, the operational budget and the device budget.

The Finance Committee presents an article for changing public housing

It is important to be remembered that a new article on public-private housing (35 BIS) is introduced by the Finance Committee. This article presents the redefinitions of Article 57 of the Final Act for modifying and completing Article 91 of the 2018 Finance Act. "In this way benefiting beneficiaries to explain the conditions for changing public housing regime". The PLF gave the changes and explanations and explanations of the Finance and Budget Committee to enrich the terms of 2019. "The new law is entrusting the introduction of the 35 bis: Two years after establishing their contracts, except for the posthumous ownership, state funding housing loans or state assistants, the acquisition of property for the transfer of the homeowners from the beneficiaries, hence, the Assistant Housing Promotion (LPA) and Public Rent Housing (L) LP) Current partnership and advocacy for social housing and housing bhavananirm'manavum.

We welcome not paying new taxes

The new taxes were not imposed and the defense of public expenditure was approved by members who welcomed the content of the draft document specifically. The financial condition is difficult. The National Progressive Front (MLL) MP Abdallahid C Arif said that the statements and procedures contained in the statement would protect the social benefits of citizens and allocate them to mitigate the projects. The most important. Deputy CFO of the mosque honored 100 billion dinars to carry out local development projects. Mr Ciff continued his statement to raise all efforts of President of the Republic Abdalaziz Boutique.
Speaker Mohamed Gudji, the speaker of the National Democratic Rally, said: "We do not have any work to avoid the adverse consequences and adverse conditions of the country and the fact that there is no new tax to collect tax on PFF 2019 in the period of" economic crisis ". One important thing Welcome to the fact that the relevant economic order of submission.
Furthermore, after non-conventional financing by the end of 2017, MPG Gwigi said that the phenomena of non-conventional funds are positively the moment when some pessimists are considered the worst. . The same MP will try to "make an assessment" on the main assistance given to private investors in the state.
Speaking for him, the MP of the Workers Party (PT) Nadia Chowmond welcomed the new taxation not to consider that it does not bring the text of "adequate jobs". They sought protection of the pension system and the safety mechanism. These systems may "disappear".
The review and discussion of the PLF in 2019 will continue. The Finance Minister responded to the questions, opinions and concerns of the members of Parliament. After that, the next meeting will begin in the assembly and participate in the vote of NPC members in this important bill.
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