Friday , October 7 2022

DGI supported tax audit of generous businesses –


P.More financial transparency and order Get the Right Treatment for Everyone ", DGI announced that in the event of tax audit, it has co-ordinated and codified tax system programs for unemployed businesses for unemployed businesses. Request for dematerialisation, tax payment, and tax certificates was transferred many years ago, so it was possible to trace it Abnormalities Taxes, especially among generous businesses.

DGI director, however, announces TelQuel " Do not Spread On Handsome Businesses And Doctors " And get certified These methods of bank reconciliation and accidental recovery are attributed to the digitization efforts made within the DGI. ".

However, according to the data presented in an interview by DGI Director Economy companies : " Do you have 16,000 doctors in Morocco, what is everyone's contribution? With dematerialization, we are going on more and more detail: we know 62% of doctors pay less than 10,000 dirhams of income tax. A new system allows us to identify these changes. It is necessary to have a good knowledge of others' contributions to building a step. " An inappropriate situation according to the DGI, in its reports also indicates that 76% of income tax funds come from payroll deductions of private and public employees (49% and 27% respectively).

How to do good control?

From now on, it is grateful to cross-check information from other organizations and administrators who will see trumpeters. If there is a difference between tax returns and bank accounts as well as the descendants of a person, the plan of control will start automatically. " The purpose of this codecification is to adjust the principles of tax monitoring internally. " Omar Faraj assured TelQuel.

Only auditing the accounts of hands-on professionals is now seen as an effective action against tax evasion. Due to the significant use of fluid and non-generalization of invoices, a weakness of accounting. So DGI will use more overlaps to find accounting incompatibility. DGI notes that will be focused " Bank contributions and withdrawals, which are considered as income and expenses of doctors ". If the benefits are considered to be extraordinary compared to the benefits, then the questions therapists need to understand the situation. The General Directorate of Tax also suggests that information sharing between bank overlays and administrations will be used mainly as a tool for fraud handling.

Presented by the DGI note Economsite Thus, calls for strict compliance with Section 213 of the General Tax Code, which takes into account serious misconduct:

1 – Failure to submit an accounting record in accordance with the provisions of Article 145 above;

2 The absence of inventories provided in this article;

3 ° – The evidence of purchase or sale confidentiality is established by the administration;

4 ° – Serious and repeated errors, error or uncertainty in identifying deals;

5 ° – Absence of supporting documents deprives any potential value accounts;

6 ° – Inaccuracy of taxpayer transactions;

7 ° – Accounting for fictional transactions.

According to the DGI note, any restrictions as a result of a tax audit will be in line with the turnover. If this equation remains ignorant, then many estimation methods can be used such as daily average patients, average in fees, number of assistants, location etc …

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